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Your Jaws - Your Life

Teach your patients about their jaws - This new multi-purpose book includes a special section on functional jaw orthopaedics.

Your jaws are as important to your health as your heart and your brain!

In this unique alternative medicine reference book, author, speaker, dental-medical research and practicing general dentist David C. Page, D.D.S., brings a new view and new steps to better health and life. He organizes and cites hundreds of published medical studies that explain how teeth, jaws and airway relate to:

Bed-Wetting • Breathing • Breastfeeding • Dental Care • Dentures • Bite Planes • Ear Disease • Hearing Loss • Otitis Media • Early Orthodontics • Faces • Smiles • General Health • Longevity • Headaches • Jaw Disorders • T.M.J. • Heart Disease • High Blood Pressure • Sleep Apnea • Snoring • Tonsils • Vision • Premature Death

Your Jaws - Your Life; ISBN: 0971736812; Paperback: 160 pages.

SmilePageSM Publishing, PO Box 20300, Baltimore, MD 21284 - Phone or Fax: 1-410-296-7224 or 1-888-865-JAWS (5297)

Read the Simple Alternative Medicine Book the Health Professionals value!

“Both the general public and all healthcare providers need to read this book”.
Dr. Brian Palmer, Kansas City, MOS, USA

“This book is as provocative as it is true. Concepts in this book changed my health and my life”.
Dr. Michael S. Bubon, Waukesha, WI, USA

“Very well done! Real-life stories lend drama and interest”.
Dr. Jeffrey H. Ahlin, Gloucester, MA, USA

“A great book for patients, parents and medical / dental professionals”.
Dr. David B. Miller, Roseville, CA, USA

“This text is long overdue. The future lies in medical dentistry concepts. The public has a right to know about alternatives”.
Dr. Derek Mahony, Sydney, Australia

“This work is a unique resource for anyone who seeks health and wellness”.
Dr. Robert Talley, Norma, OK, USA

“Wow! What a great book! It provides jaw details critical for speech-language pathologists and others to consider”.
Diane Chapman Bahr, MS, CCC-SLP, MD, USA

“I hope this book helps others as much as the concepts helped my daughter and me!”
Dr. Steven Fink, Hamburg, NJ, USA

“May this book help speed up a closer relationship between medicine and dentistry”.
Dr. Harold Gelb, NY, NY, USA

“This publication is an outstanding overview of maxillo-facial orthopaedics for the patient, the dentist and the physician”.
Dr. J. W. “Skip” Truitt, Gainesville, Tx, USA

Order your copy of Your Jaws - Your Life today - Paperback version only £9.95

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