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Most of us understand that the term "orthodontics" means the movement and correct alignment of the teeth. This change in tooth position is usually best accomplished with fixed braces. These are sometimes known as "train tracks".

Unfortunately, whilst removable orthopaedic appliances can achieve remarkable correction of a patients' bony problems, they do not align the teeth well. Conversely, fixed braces can align the teeth quite nicely but they have difficulty correcting problems with the underlying bony structure. It is for these reasons that your dentist may use a combination of both of these techniques to solve your problem.

New fixed orthodontic appliances with less obvious white porcelain brackets are available but they are slower at correcting the teeth. There is an additional cost for this type of appliance.

Invisible braces are a new type of orthodontics using a series of transparent tooth aligners to straighten the teeth. However, these are only suitable in a limited number of cases.

Orthodontic appliances to be used in your case: